Audi Brussels: this is who we are, pleased to meet you
An aerial picture of the resting zone

This is us

In this black and white photo, you can see the production line from the 1950s

Our history: iconic factory in Forest

Since as far back as the 1940s, we have been a fixture in the Brussels streetscape. During those many decades, our factory has also produced a long list of car models. The common thread? No matter how big the challenge is, here in Forest we always get it done.

What we stand for

Under the global Audi slogan “Vorsprung 2030”, Audi Brussels is also fully committed to the future. The ultimate goal that connects us: to keep the world moving with meaningful technology. Together, we want to be the leading experts that take electric cars and e-mobility to new heights.


The driving force of our strategy? Our people and culture, as well as operational excellence and financial performance. In short: as a company, you can only make progress with a close-knit team that works together according to the right processes and with a view to profitable growth.

Two people with Audi jackets are walking along a path surrounded on both sides by leaves.

A worker working on the battery pack

Robots delivering the transmission

2 workers working on the engine and transmission system

A worker on the assembly line working on the rear windows

An Audi team meeting

An Audi team meeting

We are inside a car, and a worker is using a flashlight to inspect a seat

Want to see our values in practice?

A black car on a track

The latest news from Audi Brussels

At Audi Brussels, our people make the news. Day in and day out, they support high-profile projects and leading activities. You can read the latest innovations, developments and stories from our factory here.