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A student is guided during a robotics lesson

Partnerships with education

Shaping the future: collaborations with education

As a progressive car manufacturer and an important employer in Belgium, Audi Brussels recognises the importance of investing in future employees. And we don’t do that alone. In close cooperation with education, we aim to inspire, train and attract the young generation of technicians.

Audi Brussels: co-pilot of education

Through various educational initiatives, such as workplace learning, internships and company visits, we offer students a unique opportunity to gain valuable practical experience in our factory.

Work based learning

Work based learning is an important part of Audi Brussels’ broader efforts to work closely with Dutch and French-language education.

We give graduate students the opportunity to follow part of their training with us. In addition to the theoretical lessons, they acquire knowledge and skills in a real work environment and are directly involved in the daily activities and processes that take place in the company’s production and technical departments.

As a student at Audi Brussels you will:

  • Learn to work with high-tech equipment and technologies used in the automotive industry, giving you valuable hands-on experience and technical skills
  • Observe different aspects of the production process and participate in tasks ranging from assembly to quality control and maintenance
Students are guided during a robotics lesson

Internships at Audi Brussels

Our internships offer students the opportunity to work in a professional working environment within our factory for a certain period of time. You will immediately learn to put theoretical knowledge into practice and gain valuable experience in a real business environment.

During an internship:

  • You get to work on specific projects or tasks that are relevant to your field of study or area of interest
  • You are guided by experienced professionals
  • You work with team members across different departments of the company

Your tasks and responsibilities during an internship vary depending on your area of study and interest and the needs of Audi Brussels.

Interns at an information panel in the factory

Company visit to Audi Brussels

A company visit to Audi Brussels offers students and lecturers a look behind the scenes at our Audi plant. During this visit, you discover the production process of our cars and learn more about our advanced technologies, innovations and training centre.