Sustainability, electrification and corporate social responsibility
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Sustainable entrepreneurship at Audi Brussels

Our commitments

Sustainable entrepreneurship is something that will continually engage us. To create a positive impact on people and nature, at Audi Brussels we think and act in the long term and continuously improve our sustainable performance. What we cannot achieve today, we will accomplish tomorrow! We have unique advantages for this: a factory that produces in a CO2-neutral manner, a product that emits no greenhouse gases and a community that works safely and lives in a balanced way with the city around us.

Mission: Zero – four worlds, one goal

Audi Brussels’ sustainability efforts fall within the scope of Mission: Zero. This is an umbrella programme of AUDI AG and focuses on four areas of action:

A factory producing in a CO2-neutral manner

Audi Brussels has officially been a CO2-neutral factory since 2018. In concrete terms, this means that our production does not emit any additional greenhouse gases.

How do we do that?

  • 100% of our energy and heat supply comes from green electricity and green gas. For example, the use of solar and wind energy, cogeneration and heat pumps.
  • This covers 95% of our CO2 footprint.
  • We compensate the remaining 5% with environmental projects such as a wind turbine project in India. 

Did you know?

Audi Brussels was the first CO2-neutral car factory to produce premium cars on a large scale. We received the label for CO₂-neutral car production in 2018 from the inspection and certification service of Vinçotte and CO2Logic.

In facts and figures

Eco friendly energy scale

Did you know?

As of 2024, Audi Brussels will make use of grey water for the production of our electric cars. How does that work? Our waste water first goes through pipes to the nearby water treatment installation in Brussels (operated by Hydria). There it is purified and then it returns to our site in the form of grey water. In this way, we save up to 100,000 m³ of drinking water every year. In addition, we focus on the reuse of rainwater. An initial project in this regard allows us to reuse 2,500 m³ of rainwater annually for our sanitary facilities.

A community in balance

At Audi Brussels, we take responsibility for the broader context in which we work. In this way, we strive in various ways for a balanced relationship with the people and environment inside and outside our production site.

Sustainability hub: all info at your fingertips

Sustainability is a hot topic, and Audi Brussels is no exception. Want to know more? Download additional reports, brochures, presentations and documents on our sustainability initiatives here.

An Audi in a green environment

Environmental declaration

Park of Forest

Neighbourhood committee presentation