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A shift of 6 workers, with the red tag of the Audi A1 in the background

Working at Audi Brussels

Some call it work, we call it passion

Audi Brussels offers a warm, open and diverse family. Known for our own way of working and our privileged mission: pioneering in e-mobility and sustainability with premium all-electric cars. We have been producing the Audi e-tron since 2018, together with its high-voltage battery. In 2022, we also welcomed the Audi Q8 e-tron... Now you!

Working at Audi Brussels in a nutshell

Four reasons to choose us

  • 1. Experts in premium e-mobility

    Here, you hold the future - often literally - in your hands. And that future is electric! Joining Audi Brussels means joining a team of pioneers who, with more than 70 years of experience, set the tone in the world of e-mobility.

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  • 2. Top colleagues who are one in diversity

    Our team is our capital city in miniature: very diverse and creative with its own way of doing things. Working together with colleagues from different cultures and possibly speaking four languages all at once is everyday practice here – et das ist goed so! Bonus: just outside the factory gates you will find everything Brussels has to offer.

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  • 3. A role that fits you like a glove

    Producing top cars, maintaining high-tech robots, ensuring quality... These are just a few examples of how you can do your thing here. So don’t opt for a job, but rather for your passion at Audi Brussels! We will ensure that you receive the tools, guidance and knowledge you need to excel in your role. And this in an ultra-modern, clean and safe environment.

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  • 4. An attractive salary package and opportunities for growth and continued growth

    At Audi Brussels, we offer you an attractive salary, many benefits and development opportunities. And that’s not all: in addition to recognition, you also receive the support you deserve to do your job well and feel good.

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Colleagues for life: meet the family

More than 3,000 colleagues keep our factory running. They each do it in their own way. But there is a constant: their drive and passion are always at the wheel. Curious about what your job might look like? Our colleagues will tell you.

In this photo, there are two separate sides with Emmanuel in the center. On the right, you can see his hobby, fishing, and on the left, you can see the robots he is coding

Emmanuel Thayiminya Maintenance technician and confidential advisor at Audi Brussels, passionate fisherman in his spare time. Our colleague Emmanuel helps everyone out, on and off the job.

A transparent salary and solid benefits

At Audi Brussels, you get many benefits to make your salary package and the balance between work and private life as stable as possible. An overview:

Depending on employment status.

Job vacancies at Audi Brussels - find a job that fits you like a glove

From technical jobs to job vacancies for IT employees to numerous other positions in automotive, your passion can take on numerous forms at Audi Brussels. A selection of possibilities:

2 people, one facing forward and one from behind, engaged in a discussion in front of a machine


Help set the tone for e-mobility in a high-tech environment where cutting-edge technology, quality, optimisation and analytical insight are commonplace.

A maintenance technician can be seen working on a robot

Specialised technicians

Together with your colleagues, you keep robots and installations running or you test for quality. All of that to make our electric Audis real powerhouses.

A smiling colleague assembles a part under the car

Production operators

Get started with modern robots, installations and techniques in the bodyshop, paint shop or (battery) assembly. Precision work!

A warehouse, showing the stock of components as well as the flow of various goods brought in by rolling carts

Supply chain

Become a crucial link in our team: with modern tools and techniques, you bring all the pieces together in time for optimal production and quality.

2 individuals in an office, working and debating in front of a computer

HR and administration

Searching for, finding and guiding the professionals behind our cars and making sure that everything is right both on paper and on the shop floor: that’s completely your thing.

4 people are seen working on computers in an office

IT and finance

Optimal productivity and certainty for the future: for this you need sustainable finance and IT services. And wouldn’t that just happen to be your speciality!

Applying at Audi Brussels - five steps to a job

Are you a match for a job at Audi Brussels? To find out the answer to that question, we go through five steps together. The order in which we do this depends on the position you are going for. Here’s what you need to know about each step:

Telephone call
During a telephone conversation, you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into your CV, experience and motivation. You can also show your language skills during this interview.

During an interview with your future manager and a recruiter, you can demonstrate your professional knowledge and soft skills, among other things. It’s also the perfect time to ask us all your questions, find out more about your job content and get to know your future work environment.

Time to showcase your knowledge and skills. Depending on the job for which you are applying, there will be technical tests (theoretical and practical) or specific tests and exercises as part of an Assessment Centre.

Discussing your salary
If the job suits you and vice versa, the time has come to discuss your salary package and benefits. All parts of the salary proposal are discussed in detail.

Welcome to the family 
Your first day as an “Audianer” has arrived. During a welcome day, you and other starters will discover everything about who we are and how we work. In the following months, you can of course count on further guidance.

A illustration showing 5 steps

Some bonus tips for your application!

  • Put together a well-presented CV: put your name and contact details at the top, use subtitles, list information chronologically, state your interests or achievements and preferably keep it to no more than two pages. Double checking everything (or getting someone to look at it) is the way to go before you upload your CV as a Word document or PDF file.
  • Give your cover letter a personal touch: explain why there is a match between you, the job and our corporate values. Also tell us what you want to achieve in the long term and how you would contribute to the Audi Brussels team.
  • Prepare for the interview, but remain true to who you are: find out about Audi Brussels and the job by visiting our website and social media. Give yourself enough time to get to the interview location. This reduces stress and gives you the mental space to be yourself during the interview.

Apprenticeships and collaboration with educational institutions at Audi Brussels

Experiencing professional life for the first time? You can do this at Audi Brussels during an internship or workplace learning. A win-win:

  • You will have the opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into practice and gain experience in different departments of our factory.
  • By working on projects independently, you contribute to the continued growth of Audi Brussels.

A student is guided during a robotics lesson

Totally convinced that Audi Brussels is your thing?

Find a job that suits you and apply!