5 workers working on the platform of a car

Audi Brussels

More than a factory

We are Audi Brussels. We are a warm, open and diverse family. Located in an iconic place and known for our own unique way of doing things. Our mission? To drive at the forefront of e-mobility with 100% electric premium vehicles. It’s much more than a factory.

A shift of 6 workers, with the red tag of the Audi A1 in the background

Become part of our family

Our factory has welcomed many faces and car models over the years. Time to welcome you!

A woman explaining the history of Audi Brussels

Factory Tour

As a school, company or Audi dealer, want to discover on site how we assemble 100% electric cars? That’s possible!

A close-up of the car being plugged into the charging station

Mission: Zero

Our sustainability efforts are part of Audi AG’s overarching programme, Mission: Zero.

Discover our factory

Audi Brussels is currently the leader in e-mobility. But before our iconic Q8 e-trons drive out of the factory, they follow an extensive route through various departments that raise the bar each time.

A black car on a track

The latest news

At Audi Brussels, our people make the news. They engage in leading activities day in, day out. You can read the latest news and stories here.