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Cookies are small groups of information recorded on your end device, containing data such as page configurations or registration information. This information is generated and transmitted by the web server that you have connected to by using your browser.

We apply technologies that facilitate and improve the use of our website by providing various functionalities (to make the website safer for the user). These technologies include cookies, pixels and scripts (hereinafter "cookies").

The default configuration of most browsers is set to accept cookies automatically. You can at any time refuse the use of cookies in the future by configuring your browser to accept only certain cookies, or no cookies at all, or to alert you when a cookie is sent.

If you want to know what cookies have been placed on your device or if you want to delete them, you can use a setting in your browser. You can find more information about this via the links below:
Please note that the configurations only concern your browser. If you use different browsers or devices, you must reconfigure them. In addition, you always have the option of deleting cookies from your drive. All information on the configuration, changing it or deleting cookies can be found in the help function of your browser.

There are also software products that can organise cookies for you. On the internet, you can find more extensive information about cookies and their use.

Which cookies are used:
Necessary cookies
These cookies are needed for purely technical reasons to enable the website to function. Without these cookies, the website cannot function. Because of the technical necessity, only an information obligation applies. These cookies are placed as soon as you visit the website.
Cookies can be permanent or temporary. Permanent cookies record information for a certain period of time, until the end of the validity of the cookies on your end device (or until you delete them). A so-called "session cookie" records the information of the session temporarily, namely as long as you are active on the website. We do not use session cookies.

Here is an overview of the cookies used by our website:
First/third party cookie

This cookie is set by Ensighten's cookie compliance programme. It stores information if the user's browser gives permission for tracking (do not track function). This allows site owners to prevent cookies from being placed on the user's browser if consent is not given. The cookie has a normal lifetime of one year, so that when returning to the site, their preferences are remembered. It does not contain any information that can identify the site visitor.

1 year
Ensighten offers the user cyber security as well as protection against data loss and burglary.




This cookie is set by websites using certain versions of Ensighten's cookie law compliance solution. It is set after visitors see a cookie information message (AUDI_ENSIGHTEN_PRIVACY_MODAL_LOADED) and in some cases only when they actively close the message (AUDI_ENSIGHTEN_PRIVACY_MODAL_VIEWED). It enables the website to show the message to a user no more than once. The cookie has a lifetime of one year and does not contain any information that can identify the site visitor.
1 year
Ensighten offers the user cyber security as well as protection against data loss and burglary.

8.2. External links

Our website contains external links to document certain information or to guide you further in finding information about an Audi car or about applying for a job with AUDI BRUSSELS.

You can recognise the following links:
  • Direct web-link to the other website
  • Icons are used to link to the AUDI BRUSSELS Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, as well as to the organisation's YouTube channel.
  • At the bottom of the grey bar of our website you will also see the following icons:
    - My Audi
When you click on these links you leave our website. Activation of these links is the responsibility of the user. We advise you to consult both the privacy statement and the cookie policy of the website(s) concerned.

If you would like to look into the topic "Jobs" at AUDI BRUSSELS, you can find all the information about the vacancies on our website. When you click on "apply now", you will be redirected to the website There you can create a profile, but before you do so, you will be asked to read the privacy notice for applicants to AUDI BRUSSELS and take note of the use of cookies on this website.