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Testscore: 100%.

At Audi, it is our philosophy that our customers should be able to experience quality with all of their senses. This implies to all of our models worldwide. Quality assurance at Audi Brussels focusses above all on the general client experience. This may concern very small matters, such as the fittings between the different components. They need to be in complete harmony. Quality matters are very important to our clients. This was the case ten years ago and has only increased since.

“At Audi, we strive for perfection in terms of quality”, says Christian Fricke, Head of the Quality Assurance. In Brussels, we give our employees special quality trainings where they learn how to detect anomalies and which steps to take next. “Since quality is everyone’s responsibility”, states Fricke.

At Audi Brussels, we guarantee quality in all our departments, starting with the purchase of car components. Therefore, a good relationship with the suppliers is important to develop new processes to improve quality in the long run.
Procedures and product properties developed internally must be submitted to various tests. This belongs to the responsibility of the Pre-Series Quality Assurance. The smooth production process of our vehicles, checked on a daily basis, provides complementary quality guarantees. An audit or car check involves a whole team of collaborators executing every single day a wide variety of quality tests on randomly chosen cars. These cars must withstand all tests perfectly before they can resume their way through the factory.

Only recently, a brand new test center was set up at Audi Brussels. In this center, each car is verified all over again before making a test ride and undergoing a visual inspection through the light tunnel. Noises - such as the sound of the wind -, driving behavior and the quality of the paintwork are checked. It’s only after having received a 100% test score that a car is released and confirmed ready for sale.

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