Our Center of Analysis and Preseries


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Optimization without end.

In addition to the Body Shop, Paint Shop and Assembly plant, Audi Brussels is also home to the modern Centre of Analysis and Pre-series. This is where tasks related to technical development and production are centralized within one area of responsibility guaranteeing the high quality standards of the Audi e-tron.

At the moment, we’re producing approximately 15 Audi e-tron per hour. “It’s our job to optimize the vehicle’s development process”, explains Michael Scharff, Head of the Pre-Series Centre. Quality checks and efficiency are always top priority throughout our processes. Therefore, the centre has established a close working relationship with all other production focused teams, from the body shop, over the paint shop right up to the finished car. Whereas the production concentrates on series production, our team in the Center of Analysis and Preseries focusses on error detection and the efficiency control that comes with it.

Since the production volume of the Audi e-tron is currently being increased step by step, priority is given to safety and optimization matters linked to the series production. This enables us to guarantee a cost efficient production, from the early stage of development on. According to Scharff, "this represents for us an important step towards an even higher stage of competitiveness."