Our Logistics Department at Audi Brussels


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Ultra-modern import and export.

Every day, more than 540 suppliers provide the14,000 parts and components required to build our car bodies. 20 goods wagons and 8 just-in-time contractors transport cubic metres of material directly to our assembly hall. All of this requires extensive planning of logistics.

One key factor is infrastructure: A state-of-the-art logistics and supplier centre – known to Audians as “Automotive Park” – is directly connected to the factory’s production halls, with just a bridge separating them. “This ensures that the materials are supplied to the entire plant in an efficient and timely manner”, explains Alexander Müller, Head of Logistics. This also guarantees good internal logistics within the plant itself, meaning that each part arrives at the right place at the right time, and every vehicle receives its individual equipment. In addition, the Logistics department organises the transportation of the completed vehicles to the customers.

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