Our Assembly Department at Audi Brussels


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The backbone of our large-scale production.

Our assembly hall with its assembly line production is the backbone of our series production. Approximately 1.200 people work here, 900 of which are related to the production and subdivided into two shifts and 32 teams. A further 300 collaborators support the production. The assembly line is about 1.500 meters long and is able to accommodate +/- 250 cars.

When the car enters the assembly hall, it takes about 12.5 hours before it leaves the assembly hall once again and makes its way to the quality department for a final check.

Most of the work on the premises in the assembly hall is done manually, partially digital aided. “On future assembly lines, there will be far more cooperation between humans and machines”, explains Peter Verschooris, head of the assembly hall at Audi Brussels, referring to the so called “co-operating robots”, robots that execute the work together with the co-operators. “With a view to the fast-growing number of model variants, our assembly department is constantly experimenting and developing new production concepts.”
Together with the assembly of the electric SUV of Audi, the Audi e-tron, our team at Audi Brussels implemented essential elements of a modular production, replacing the fixed assembly line-principle by flexible workstations.

We focus on the human aspect. The challenge lies in developing flexible systems for various models which fulfill the highest standards in ergonomics. This way, our co-operators’ health is protected and their work is made as convenient and pleasant as possible.

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