Audi Brussels opened its doors for the Job Day!

On the 23rd of May we opened our doors for the third edition of the Audi Brussels Job Day in our Showroom. Interested candidates were able to find out about Audi Brussels as an employer and got the chance to get in touch with the various departments at the Meet & Greet.

To begin, the introductory presentation gave information on the working environment at Audi Brussels and an overview of the production process to the participants. Which stations does the e-tron have to pass before it becomes the final product? And what has to be considered when building an electric car? To illustrate what the participants had heard during the presentation, they subsequently were able to experience the production live during the factory tour. A good opportunity to get technical information and ask questions.

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Once back in the Showroom, participants were invited to learn about employment opportunities at Audi Brussels as part of the Meet & Greet. Colleagues from the production and logistics departments as well as colleagues from the human resources were present to provide first-hand information and to indicate current vacancies. Many interesting conversations took place with the candidates in a pleasant atmosphere.

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Last but not least: We would like to thank all the colleagues who supported us for a successful evening!