Audi Brussels continues successful vocational education formula

Audi Brussels continued to pursue its pioneering “vocational education” program (Dual Learning) over the past school year. As in previous years, Audi Brussels offered two training tracks. Students could choose from training to become an installation technician or specialising as a maintenance technician.
Audi Brussels certainly has reason to celebrate. The Brussels company, which will commence manufacturing the brand with four rings’ first ever battery-electric SUV from 2018 onwards, achieved excellent results from its first two vocational education model graduations in 2014 and 2015. All 21 students obtained their Installation Technician or Maintenance Technician diplomas (and in some cases, even both).
Of these, ten former students now actively fulfil a technical role at Audi Brussels. And five of them completed a 7th (specialisation) year at Audi Brussels this year. Five others maintained links to the company via the comprehensive Dual Connect program, in which bachelor or master students continue to be part of the Audi family. They are consequently invited to qualification ceremonies and events, and work for the company during their school holidays.

Seven students also successfully completed their second and final year as installation technicians this school year. In addition, three students received the highly-coveted maintenance technician certification.
Director General for HR, Thomas Neuhaus: "Our confidence in the vocational education model has been consolidated over the past year and we are again rightly proud of the results. This model enables us to offer young people new career opportunities and simultaneously ensures the succession of a specialised workforce within our company. This is essential for facilitating the production of a high-tech car which will drive off our assembly line from 2018 onwards."
During the two-year technician training course, which focuses on robot technology, 5th + 6th year TSO Electromechanics students receive a total of 600 hours’ vocational training at Audi. The maintenance technician specialisation (7th year TSO Automotive, with a focus on automation technology) takes an additional year and is largely hands-on. During that year, the young students spend 95% of their time at Audi Brussels.