Audi Brussels is "Top Employer 2016"

Audi Brussels offers employees an outstanding working environment and countless development opportunities. A fact that was confirmed this year when the Top Employer Institute awarded Audi Brussels the "Top Employer” title for its exemplary personnel policy. This accolade ranks Audi Brussels amongst the finest employers in the world.
According to the jury's assessment, Audi Brussels has demonstrated that it provides exceptional employment conditions in all areas of its operations. "We are extremely proud of our "Top Employer" certification, as it confirms that our employees enjoy the finest framework conditions for their innovative assignments", says Thomas Neuhaus, who became Director General for Human Resources in Brussels in January this year. Audi Brussels employees will soon be shaping the future of electromobility: from 2018 the company will begin exclusive production of the brand with four rings’ first battery-electric SUV for the global market. The plant is also receiving its own battery production facility.
In addition to personal development opportunities, Audi Brussels also offers flexible working hours, numerous lifelong learning programs and exclusive benefits in the provision of vehicles. It was also one of the first companies in Belgium to introduce extensive health management for its employees, including the comprehensive "Audi Check-up" preventive health care program.

Since 2012, Audi Brussels has additionally played a pioneering role in the field of vocational education (Dual Learning) in Belgium. Vocational education creates opportunities for young people and enables the Group to retain highly qualified and competent professionals over the long term. The company repeatedly tests existing role competencies and qualifications and adapts them to technological developments.
And it is not only Audi Brussels that is recognised as a valued employer. Audi also regularly receives top marks for employer attractiveness in Germany, Hungary and Italy. The Top Employer Institute has been a global authority on recognising employer excellence according to a number of well-defined criteria since 1991. Each year, a total of 700 companies are awarded the prestigious "Top Employer" title.