New Director General for Human Resources at Audi Brussels

Thomas Neuhaus assumed the position of Director General for Human Resources at the beginning of January. 51-year old Thomas Neuhaus was previously responsible for the Production HR department at Audi in Ingolstadt. He is treading in the footsteps of Michael Schmid, who after serving three and a half years on the Audi Brussels management board, is now returning to Ingolstadt where he will assume leadership of the Audi Academy.
Michael Schmid studied law in Freiburg and has been working in various management positions at Audi for more than 15 years. He joined Audi Brussels as Director General for Human Resources in June 2012. Thomas Sigi, HR Director at AUDI AG and member of the Audi Brussels Board of Directors, thanks Michael Schmid for his dedication to the Belgian plant: "Amongst other things, Michael Schmid has made a significant contribution to the introduction of affiliated training in Belgium.”
Thomas Neuhaus is an experienced personnel manager who will reinforce the Audi Brussels management team. Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Audi Brussels, recognises Neuhaus as an outstanding professional: "Thomas Neuhaus is known as an authoritative personnel manager and production expert. He will unite substantial core competencies at the Audi Brussels plant to position it for the future."

Thomas Neuhaus obtained a PhD in Commercial Science at the University of German Federal Forces in Munich. He subsequently launched his career as an HR business partner at Audi in Ingolstadt in 1995. He held various professional and managerial positions up until 2004, including that of Personnel Manager for the A3, A4 and TT Production (2005), Recruitment Manager for HR business partners and HR business partner for finance and organisation. Prior to assuming his new role, Thomas Neuhaus was Personnel Manager for the product scope in Ingolstadt.