Factory Tour at Audi Brussels
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Factory tour

Forget the car. Audi is more.

Audi Brussels has undergone a metamorphosis after many modifications and reconstruction work and is proud to announce to you the resumption of company visits to the general public.

Due to sanitary conditions, guided tours are suspended until further notice.

In the completely renovated production halls, you will have an opportunity to discover the exclusive production of the fully electric-powered vehicle e-tron. Specially trained guides lead visitors during the tour. Each visit lasts a maximum of 2h30min and starts in the visitors' pavilion, where an introductory film shows the history of the factory and the story behind Audi’s four-ring logo.

We offer two tours: the "Einsteiger" and the "Effizienz". The Einsteiger is the classic tour that is open to individuals, organisations, schools, colleges, universities (general disciplines), etc.
This tour covers the production of the battery housing and shows the assembly and the mechanics.

The "Effizienz" tour is reserved for experts, universities (technical disciplines) and companies specialising in high-tech and related products. We visit the production facilities for the manufacture of batteries and battery housing.