Your benefits as an employee at Audi Brussels


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Your benefits

In addition to a competitive and advantageous salary package Audi Brussels offers you a varied and challenging job in a cooperative and high-tech work environment.

Cash benefits

  • shift work
  • night work
  • birth
  • mariage
  • seniority (blue collars)
  • jubilee (25 and 35 years of seniority)
  • single and double holiday pay
  • 13th month


  • collective (results Audi AG)
  • collective (results Audi Brussels)
  • individual (white collars)
  • yearly salary increase (white collars)

You can invest the individual bonus in the FlexPlan.


  • meal vouchers
  • eco vouchers
  • transport costs
  • bike allowance

Work organization

  • flexible hours (employees)
  • telework (employees)
  • recovery of overtime


  • 20 legal days
  • 12 days of recovery
  • 1 day of seniority per 5 years of service

Extralegal benefits

Insurances and discounts

  • group insurance
  • complementary group insurance
  • hospitalization insurance
  • discount when buying a car from the VW Group
  • discount when buying spare parts
  • car leasing
  • lots of extra benefits and discounts through Merits & Benefits

Medical service

  • complete Audi checkup
  • company doctor
  • flu vaccine
  • activities to improve health

Corporate restaurant