Vocational Education & Training at Audi


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Some call it work.
We call it: shaping the future.

Audi Brussels was one of the first Belgian companies to launch Dual Learning. Since September 2012, we have been training students as installation technicians. Therefore, we work closely together with the Ministries of Education of the Flemish and French-speaking Communities and technical schools in the neighbourhood.

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During the two-year program, students follow theoretical lessons at school and at the robot training labs at Audi Brussels. After the training, they get the opportunity to immediately put this knowledge in practice during their internship. In total, this involves about 600 hours of ‘Audi education’. Subsequently, a specialisation year is also offered to those who want to further develop their skills in installation maintenance.

For students who wish to study further after their training at Audi Brussels, we offer an extensive ‘Dual Connect’ programme. During their studies, students can do an internship or a holiday job with us. This also allows them to keep abreast of the latest Audi news. And who knows, perhaps they can even start working with us after obtaining their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
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"The great thing about working at Audi is that I keep growing personally and I can also help others to grow. I learn new things during trainings and can pass on the knowledge I have gained to other Dual Learning students. I feel valuable and that gives me tonnes of energy. Also, with the arrival of the e-tron, we, as production technicians, play an important pioneering role. Working here is always fascinating and varied!"

"In comparison with other companies, Audi Brussels has many advanced technologies. So you can learn a lot during the Dual Learning process. Thanks to the knowledge I have gained here, I was able to successfully complete my thesis."

The student who became a trainer

Meet Ugur