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Specialised Technicians

You can't have a powerful electric motor without powerful people. And no e-tron without talented technicians. We mean that quite literally.

As a maintenance technician at Audi Brussels, you will be the engine of production. How so? You and your colleagues keep the robots and other automated installations running, proactively maintain the machinery and are ready at the drop of a hat if a problem arises . You can start as a technician in the body shop, the painting, battery production or assembly departments.

Is automotive technology more your style? Then you should check out the pre-series centre where our prototypes cars are built. Or the quality department where we test the premium quality of our e-trons.

Part of the job: improving yourself. Honing your skills and growing as a person, that's also Audi Brussels! Our focus is on maintaining a family atmosphere, personal development and the pursuit of perfection in an ultramodern working environment.
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