Studens FAQ's


What documents should my application include? What aspects do I need to consider before applying? What do I need to do as soon as my internship has been confirmed? Does Audi Brussels help me in finding accommodation? Is the internship paid?

Check the answers to these and many more questions in our FAQ!

1. What type of internships can I do?

You can either opt for a voluntary or a mandatory internship. You need to be enrolled in an active, ongoing course of study in the European Union or you are in between your Bachelors and Masters studies.
2. Can I also do an internship at Audi Brussels if I am not enrolled in a European University?

No, you need to prove that you are currently enrolled in an active, ongoing course of study in the European Union. Coming for an Erasmus to the European Union and sending us your enrollment certificate is however sufficient.
3. What documents should my application include and what language should be used for the documents?

Your application should include a resume and a motivation letter indicating how long your internship should be as well as your availabilities for an internship. You can send us your application in English, Dutch, French or German.
4. Can I submit a spontaneous application?

Yes, just give us the information about when you would like to start your internship and in which departments you are interested in.
5. When should I apply for an internship?

To complete an internship with Audi Brussels, we should receive your application at latest three to five months before you wish to start.
6. I got the internship. What to do?

We will send you a confirmation e-mail with all the necessary information.
7. When does my internship begin?

You can start all year long. We concretize the start and end date of your internship by mutual agreement between you and your supervisor.
8. How long is my internship?

An internship at Audi Brussels is offered for a period of three to six months. The time and duration will be defined to suit your conditions of study. We recommend completing a six-month internship with us, as this gives you sufficient time to learn about Audi and familiarize yourself with your topic.
9. Does Audi Brussels help me find a housing?

In case you want to move to Brussels during your internship, Audi Brussels has a cooperation with a real estate agency that can help you to find a housing. Additionally to that, you can find a lot of offers in different price levels on the internet.
10. Is the internship paid?

Yes, as long as your educational institution allows it. On top of that, European students who want to do an internship abroad can additionally apply for ERASMUS at their university.
11. Will I have rest days?

You have one rest day per month while you are working at Audi Brussels.
12. Can I extend/shorten my internship contract?

Yes, assumed you have a good motivation and the agreement from each party. The extension is minimum for three weeks and has to be confirmed before the 10th of your last month.
13. During my internship I sometimes have to go to school for activities. Is Audi Brussels flexible in this?

We find it important that you have a good balance between your internship and the activities from your study program. In discussion with your supervisor and the HR Team, you are allowed to follow some activities for school.
14. And after my internship at Audi Brussels?

If you liked your internship and want to rejoin Audi Brussels, do not hesitate to have a look at our current vacancies. Maybe you are our future colleague !