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Frequently asked questions

In addition to your study orientation, also your personality and motivation are important. The internship opportunities at Audi Brussels are very diverse, so we are also looking for students with very different backgrounds.

There are four conditions to be considered for an internship:

  • You are a student! That concerns every person who is studying on a college or at university.
  • You are a student from the European Union or you are studying in one of the Belgian educational institutions.
  • You have at least a high school diploma.
  • You speak and write at least one of our three national languages (Dutch, French or German) and you have a good knowledge of English.
I got the internship. What to do?

You will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information.
When does my internship begin?

You can start all year long. We concretize the start and end date of your internship by mutual agreement between you and your supervisor.
How long is my internship?

An internship at Audi Brussels is offered for a period of three to six months.
Can I extend my internship contract?

Yes, assumed you have a good motivation and the agreement from each party. The extension is minimum for one month and maximum for three months.
Can I shorten the duration of my internship?

Yes, with good motivation and agreement from each party. It is necessary to do this before the 10th day of each month.
Who supervises me during my internship?

You will receive a fixed supervisor at Audi Brussels. He or she works in the department in which you will do your internship. This supervisor is your contact person and will facilitate your internship at Audi Brussels.
During my internship I sometimes have to go to school for activities. Is Audi Brussels flexible in this?

We find it important that you have a good balance between your internship and the activities from your study program.
Does Audi Brussels help me find a housing?

No, you are responsible for your stay.
Is the internship paid?

Yes, as long as your educational institution allows it.
Do I have to give information about my medical status during the application process?

No. We advise you to inform us of your medical condition if you need additional help or guidance.

Any more questions?