A day at work with Martin Van De Vyver

Meet Martin Van De Vyver, a daytime maintenance technician at Audi Brussels, a classic car enthusiast after working hours.

Audi Brussels ID

  • First name: Martin
  • Last name: Van De Vyver
  • Position: automatiseringstechnieker
  • Task package: all kinds of maintenance tasks in the painting and mastic department, maintenance and repair of conveyor belts, and much more
  • Passion after hours: organising classic car drives with friends
  • Fact: In third year of primary school, Martin turned a 0 into a 10 on his handwritten report
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The bus is coming

4:15 am

Time to get up! It's still pitch dark when I get out of bed. I rub my eyes a little while letting the dog out and then prepare my lunch box.

4:50 am

Thanks to the organised bus transport from Audi Brussels, I do not have to drive to work. How convenient! From Wichelen I can doze off for about 50 kilometres.

5 am

Clocking in. I am heading to the workshop to start on time at 6:00.

6 am

I check the to-do list for today via the PC. The supervisor often checks in on me. I immediately run to the first intervention, replenish the stock or do an overhaul of a part that has arrived.

9 am

Focus time! I am specialised in component overhaul: dismantling, renewal and reassembly have no secrets for me. In between, I answer calls or assist colleagues in the paint mixing room.

9:30 am

I’ve earned a strong coffee after these busy first hours!

10 am

Lunch at 10 am: it sounds strange but feels very ordinary. We eat together in a "green zone" with a small kitchen. While eating, we remain on standby for urgent interventions.

Watch hands

11 am

My specialty? The signal revision of the application technique. To do this, you really need "watch hands": I work with very small components that you can only fix with fine mechanics.

12 pm

My work varies from day to day: you never know which component will break down. From a pump that has to be repaired in the paint mixing room to replacing a valve, I come to the rescue.

1 pm

Being able to solve problems quickly is crucial in this job. We absolutely want to avoid having to stop production!

Green fingers and old cars

2 pm

The day is over. I clock out and get on the bus. Take a breath: the focus mode can be switched off.

3 pm

At home, I focus on household tasks: from tidying up to doing the dishes, and of course preparing food.

5 pm

Because of the early hours, my biorhythm is completely different from that of the average Belgian. At 5, I eat together with my wife and daughter.
DHOD6547 copy.jpg

6 pm

I have green fingers: In the evening you will often find me in the garden. Or in the garage, because if something can be tinkered with, you’ll find me there.

7 pm

Do I still have time for a night drive? Why not? I take one of my classic cars, a beautiful Porsche, and drive over to some friends. Unless it rains, of course: I wouldn't put my beauties through that.

8:30 pm

A nice drink, some salami cubes? Okay, TV time! A bit of zapping through the channels or listening to some music. I don't do much else in the evening, the day’s been long.

10 pm

Bedtime! I fall asleep with the thought of a wonderful tour I'll be organising with friends soon. The perfect thoughts for sweet dreams!

When will you join our family?

Martin is one of our 3.000 colleagues, but we are still looking for plenty of new people to join our Audi Brussels family.