A day at work with Juanita Gaviria

Meet Juanita Arroyave Garivia, financial planner at Audi Brussels during the day, padel queen after hours.

Audi Brussels ID

  • First name: Juanita
  • Last name: Arroyave Gaviria
  • Position: financial planner & energy manager
  • Task package: financial management of large infrastructure projects, plant energy management, and much more
  • Passion after hours: sports and travelling around the world
  • Fact: Juanita is a true polyglot, she speaks no less than 7 (!) languages
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Through the backyard to work

7 am

Time to wake up! There's not a day when I get up at the same time. 6, 7, 8 in the morning: if you live so close to work, you can be extra flexible.

7:30 am

Mmmmm, blissful shower! I am already looking forward to the short bike ride to work. A first highlight: the birds at the Dudenpark that treat me to the most beautiful songs along the way.

8 am

I arrive with my batteries fully charged in Vorst. The day always starts with greeting my colleagues: all fine people to work with.

8:30 am

I have a stressful job, so I like to start the day calmly: administration, replies to emails, etc. The afternoon is in any case the most active part of the working day.

9 am

I run from meeting to meeting. Checking expenses, concluding contracts about installations, monitoring projects, etc. I also meet with the heads of the departments every day to solve problems.

10 am

Time for a quick bite in between all those meetings! I improvise a breakfast.

12 am

I live close to the plant, and that has its advantages: for lunch, I can quickly go back home.

The fight for lower energy consumption

1 pm

Because we are in the middle of an energy crisis, I constantly answer questions from colleagues about consumption. This is how we work together to find ways to reduce our gas consumption.

2 pm

Ideas put forward to reduce our consumption are always tested against reality. From cutting the heating down a bit to the output of solar panels, I translate everything into clear figures so we know what our efforts are delivering.

3 pm

Together with a team of energy managers, I work on an energy neutral policy for our plant. After examining the consumption, we will further explore the options for green energy.

5:30 pm

The work is done! I jump back on my bike, wave to the walkers in the park of Vorst and head straight for the sports centre.

Sports mode: on!

6:30 pm

Let’s get ready to rumble! The first lessons begin at 6:30 p.m. I love padel in particular: I get better every time.

7:30 pm

As a social animal, I consciously opt for group sports. My fellow sports enthusiasts are fully motivating me to raise the bar.

9:30 pm

Sports: check! If I still have energy, I always stay for a drink and a chat with my padel buddies.

10:30 pm

When it's almost bedtime over here, it's only afternoon for my parents in Colombia. I speak to them almost daily, and give them an update about what's going on in Belgium.

10:45 pm

It might sound philosophical, but I always think about my day before going to bed. What went right, what went wrong, what am I grateful for? That way, I work not only on my physical wellbeing, but also on my mental health.

11 pm

Now that the adrenaline has worn off, I can fall asleep quietly. Ready for a new, productive day!

When will you join our family?

Juanita is one of our 3.000 colleagues, but we are still looking for plenty of new people to join our Audi Brussels family.