A productive day with Emmanuel Thayiminya

Meet Emmanuel Thayiminya, maintenance technician at Audi Brussels during the day, a passionate fisherman after hours.

Audi Brussels ID

  • First name: Emmanuel
  • Name: Thayiminya
  • Function : maintenance technician
  • Task package: solving various types of failures, from mechanical and electrical to issues with robotics
  • Passion after hours: fishing, swimming, jogging and gardening
  • Fun fact: In addition to being a fantastic singer in the local church choir, Emmanuel is also a confidential advisor at Audi Brussels.
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Action before daybreak

4:30 am

Time to get up! After 13 years at Audi Brussels, I get used to the early morning hours. After a refreshing shower, I'm ready for the day.

5:15 am

I skip breakfast in the morning: a glass of water will do for now! My wife made me a great packed lunch: I drop it in my backpack and jump on the scooter.

5:35 am

I don't have to travel more than a few miles to get to work, that’s so convenient! Quickly change in the dressing room and I am ready to start.

6 am

Work always starts with a debriefing from other teams with the team leader. I look at the problems that occurred yesterday, make my schedule and check which production line I need. You have to organise your work properly, otherwise you are constantly walking in a gigantic plant like ours.

7 am

Minor breakdowns, major breakdowns: I pitch in anywhere I can.

8 am

Coffee break! In 10 minutes I have a chat with a few colleagues.

9 am

I work with dozens of people and always have to know who can help in case of problems: from electricians to programmers. I make the right analysis so that we do not lose any time in case of a breakdown.

10 am

So hungry! I go to the green zone or the restaurant. If I don’t bring a lunch box, I go for a meal with fish or a ratatouille of vegetables with rice. Delicious!

10:30 am

During our ‘TPM’, we maintain and clean the installations. We clean rooms, look at recurring failures and make further improvements to installations. Business as usual.

10:50 am

Do certain parts require repairs? Does anything have to be welded? We analyse the cars produced. We also check the battery thoroughly.

12 pm

During a break I eat a piece of fruit or a small dessert…

12:10 pm

… and then back in full force! I am always open to questions or concerns from colleagues - they can contact me as a confidential adviser.

2 pm

After several thousand steps on the counter, today’s work is done.

2:30 pm

Time for my passions. Besides fishing and sports, I also do community work: I maintain and manage the building of our local church.

3:30 pm

I'm already planning a trip to go fishing this weekend. I live not far from the canal, which is a nice plus.

5 pm

Not all colleagues know this, but I also like to sing. Time for a rehearsal with our church choir!

6 pm

It's a miracle that I still have the energy for it, but I don't sit still in the evening either: I definitely want to get my Master's degree in Electromechanics and Maintenance. The fact that the classes were remote during the Covid period made it all a bit easier in practical terms...

6:30 pm

Time for a short break! My daughter loves cycling, so I take my steel steed from the garage and do a tour with her.

7 pm

Time for part two of the electromechanical studies. It also involves making a thesis. I try to do so some writing or planning in the evening.

10:30 pm

Bedtime! I don’t go to bed too late, to start fresh tomorrow on a new day at the plant.

When will you join our family?

Emmanuel is one of our 3.000 colleagues, but we are still looking for plenty of new people to join our Audi Brussels family.