A day on the road with Emilie Vannieuwenhuyze

Meet Emilie Vannieuwenhuyze, team leader at Audi Brussels during the day, and a master pastry chef-to-be in the evening.

Audi Brussels ID

  • First name: Emilie
  • Last name: Vannieuwenhuyze
  • Position: team leader
  • Task package: monitoring the assembly line - quality checks, assisting operators, coordinating retouches, suggesting optimisations and much more
  • Passion after hours: baking with her son
  • Fun fact: Emilie is a creative jack of all trades - sewing, knitting, crochet: she can do it all
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Early birds

3:10 am

Time to get up! Oh boy, it’s still the middle of the night. If you work in changing shifts, you can sure do with a strong cup of coffee. I make a pot and then jump straight into the shower.

4 am

My ride’s here. We carpool with 4 great colleagues: good for the planet, and for my wallet! Shhhh... no one notices me taking a quick nap in the back seat.

5 am

Arrival in Vorst. I check the reports of the previous team straight away: did any of the installations fail? Are retouches required? I launch all the programmes and start following the production line in real time.

6 am

In order to make our plant run efficiently, the planning needs to be worked out in detail: who is absent? Who is late? Is anyone on holiday? I make sure everything is right.

Factory tour

7 am

Off to the workshop! I schedule time with all operators to deal with everyday problems.

8 am

A first break, more than deserved ! 10 minutes to take a breath and have fun with colleagues: that really energises me.

9 am

Visit to the fellow team leaders - we check the retouches that were done the past 24 hours and if everything is fine.

10 am

Second break. 20 minutes to eat. I take the opportunity to have a small chat with fellow team leaders and other colleagues.

11 am

I'll just drop by the foreman and see if there are any problems I can help with. Occasionally I also rush to another building to check the retouches. Time flies.

12 pm

… or 12:30 pm, or 12:45 pm, or 1 pm: I take my lunch break at n’importe o’clock. It's always a quick bite in between, I find it hard to turn off my problem-solving mode.

14 pm

The shift is over! But the most important task comes last: informing the next team. What should they pay attention to? Where were the problems? How many people do we need to start up tomorrow? I make sure that the next team leader is not caught by surprise when they start the day. That’s what teamwork is all about!

Maestro in the kitchen

3:15 pm

One of the highlights of my day: picking up my son from school! Serious negotiations start right away: what do we make as an after-school snack today?

4 pm

Yes, my husband is home! He takes over the household duties, I start doing my hobbies. Either I go to the gym or I take out my baking equipment. My son loves to wear his apron to help me bake. The kitchen becomes our playground for the sweetest creations.

4:30 pm

I can see my son getting his second wind. I take out the ingredients and he is just happy mixing, beating the eggs, and doing all sorts of things. A bit of quality time, with a most delicious result: that’s what I call a win-win situation.

5 pm

The cake goes in the oven and in the meantime I make dinner. Two birds with one stone!

6 pm

The most important family moment of the day: dinner! We talk about our day, while looking forward to today’s dessert. The whole house smells of our latest creation!

7:30 pm

I spend the time between dinner and bedtime reading a little. It's one of my favourite pastimes: a novel can make me escape to a completely different world.

8 pm

Time to pack my bag for tomorrow! I always check if there are any important messages from operators so that I am well-prepared to start tomorrow morning.

8:30 pm

My last activity of the day: reading to my son. We do this every day, if not, he just won’t go to sleep. I think I deserve the title "Mum of the Year", don’t I?

When will you join our family?

Emilie is one of our 3.000 colleagues, but we are still looking for plenty of new people to join our Audi Brussels family.