Audianers - interviews van onze medewerkers


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Meet the family

At Audi Brussels, we are more than 3.000 colleagues ensuring the factory runs smoothly. As you can imagine, getting to know everyone in the company is quite a challenge. One might know direct colleagues, team members and their boss. But who are the other 99% of our Audi Brussels family? Get to know some of our collaborators, at work and at home.

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    Emilie Vannieuwenhuyze

    Ever-ready foreman, master pastry chef-to-be.

    About Emilie
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    Martin Van De Vyver

    A daytime maintenance technician, a classic car enthusiast after working hours.

    About Martin
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    Juanita Gaviria

    Financial planner and energy manager during the day, padel queen after hours.

    About Juanita
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    Emmanuel Thayiminya

    Maintenance technician during the day, a passionate fisherman after hours.

    About Emmanuel