We’re very proud to be part of a premium brand

Je wil bij een van de paradepaardjes van de internationale auto-industrie komen werken en ambitieuze technologische uitdagingen helpen aangaan, om zo de milieuvriendelijke, zuinige en performante auto van morgen te kunnen bouwen?

Would you like to work for a leading company in the global automotive industry, and help take on the ambitious technological challenges involved in building the eco-friendly, economical, high-performance car of the future?
Would you like to become one of the innovators behind the innovations? Join Audi Brussels and join the great Audi e-tron adventure!

Audi Brussels invites you to join its passionate employees, who are proud to be the first and only site in the world to manufacture the e-tron using cutting-edge technology.

More than 2,700 passionate employees work at Audi Brussels today, guided by the values on which Audi’s success and reputation are based: quality, professionalism and technological excellence. Vorsprung durch Technik (‘Progress through technology’) isn’t just a catchphrase: it is a work ethic for every employee.

To ensure quality standards are always met, Audi actively invests in the development and guidance of its personnel. By providing training, launching new production lines and sharing expertise on an international level, Audi prepares for the future every day – on a human level, professionally, and through constant innovation.

We met with Ugur Poyraz, who has been working as a robotics and automation installation and maintenance engineer for just over four years. He spoke to us about what his work involves, future developments, his role as a trainer and the key values at the Audi plant in Forest.

Ugur, can you tell us about the path you took to your current position?

"During the fifth and sixth years of my technical studies as an electrical automation engineer, I had the opportunity to take part in a partnership programme between my school (the Don Bosco Institute in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre) and Audi, with two internships at the company each lasting a whole month. My specialisation enabled me to train right away with the robots that are used on the company’s production lines."

What is your current role?

"I’m a robotics and automation installation and maintenance engineer, which means that my job is divided into three main functions: preparing the installations for the various production workers, dealing with any breakdowns and constantly improving manufacturing quality by improving the quality of the installations. My passion for robotics and automated systems is thus combined with my love of the automotive world through the different tasks I perform. The continuous demand for quality and the quest for ever-better performance are extremely stimulating and contribute significantly to making Audi what it is - a premier brand. We’re very proud to be part of this. We are the only site in the world to produce the new e-tron model, which represents the future. Our role is inherently one with development potential, but now this has become even more true.

We’re all willing to receive training or to share our own expertise, experience and knowledge. One of the things I like about my job, and which adds variety to it, is being able to train interns in the fields of automation, electricity, mechanics and programming, via the Audi Brussels Dual Learning programmes - which are similar to apprenticeships involving alternating periods of study and on-the-job training. I want to give young people the same opportunity I was given. Passing on what I’ve learnt –- the technical requirements and quality standards – is very fulfilling and perfectly reflects the company’s philosophy. In addition, good interns are usually hired straightaway at the end of their internship, and being able to help them reach the required level gives me a lot of satisfaction."

What do you see looking ahead?

"The fact that Audi has chosen the site in Forest to produce the e-tron model, which unites state-of-the-art technologies and represents the future of the brand, makes us extremely proud and gives us confidence in our future. It’s both an acknowledgement of the quality of our work and a guarantee of the site’s long-term continuation. Participating in a project that foreshadows the future through the use of renewable technologies is also a very exciting challenge. Through our work, we are contributing to technological progress and more responsible consumption, which is good for the environment. Being part of this future-oriented project within a world-renowned premier company makes my job very rewarding!"

Source: Références Le Soir