The trainer trainer

Luc Ulenaers is way at the front of the line of those who ensure the smooth production of the Audi e-tron. He’s a training coordinator for basic skills training. For him, everything revolves around the distinctive features of the electric vehicle such as its wiring harnesses and plug connections. After all, anyone who handles more than 400 volts of electricity has to know what he’s doing. That’s why the senses are sharpened during basic skills training.

Ulenaers helped set up the training in Brussels. Today he coordinates fifteen trainers. He contributes important findings and experiences from Brussels to the training content for the entire Group in order to make the training and knowledge levels similar across all plants.

Ulenaers studied mechatronics engineering and has worked in Brussels since 1985. He started teaching basic skills training in 2009. Since this summer, one day of the weeklong course has been entirely devoted to high-voltage training. Battery production has also been incorporated into the course since November 2018.

The biggest challenge in introducing the training was that Luc, his team and his colleague Shahriyar Taheri had to assemble the components needed to train the participants, he recounted with a grin. Wiring harnesses, high-voltage cables and plug connections weren’t available at the beginning of the training.

Most employees encounter high-voltage assembly for the first time at the training center and have an appropriate amount of respect for the current-carrying components. “We communicate very specifically how the individual parts are put together and what has to be kept in mind for safety and a high quality standard to be maintained,” the trainer explained.

Even though he only substitutes as a trainer now, if worst comes to worst, the training coordinator is ranked among the inventory of the training center in Brussels. “The feedback of the trainers and course participants is important to me. It allows us to continually refine and adjust the training content.”

Luc Ulenaers is a training coordinator at Audi Brussels. The insights gained from basic skills training is shared throughout the entire Volkswagen Group.

Author: Manfred Dittenhofer