Enthusiasm and interest are rewarded at Audi Brussels

As "Top Employer 2018", Audi Brussels offers numerous development opportunities for both young and experienced employees. Joeri Thienpont (28) is a prime example. His eagerness to learn, attitude towards his work and sense of initiative have enabled him to build an exciting career, taking him from production line operator to 3D measurement technician and now analyst.

“If you work in a large organisation such as Audi Brussels, it’s crucial to get to know a lot of people. That is why every step in my career path has brought me added value.”

Joeri Thienpont has always been fascinated by IT. After completing his secondary studies in industrial IT, he did a year of applied computer science and then another year in digital arts entertainment, during which he first came into contact with 3D. Because he did not complete either university college programme, Joeri ended up on the job market with an A2 qualification in IT, and found it difficult to get a job in the sector.

He received some good advice from his father who had worked at Volkswagen/Audi for more than 30 years. “He told me: start working as a production line operator and see what career opportunities come up. That is how in 2012 I found temporary work on the production line at the site where parts such as doors and boot hatches are fitted onto cars. My knowledge of and interest in cars were still very minimal at that time, and I didn’t even have a driver's licence.”

Talent does not go unnoticed

Joeri worked as a production line operator for two years, and his enthusiasm and interest in the work did not go unnoticed. “Because of that, I was offered the chance to start working as a 3D measurement technician on a permanent manual worker’s contract. 3D measurement technicians make a 3D scan of a part or a vehicle, compare it with the technical drawings, draw up a report of visible deviations and pass this report on for analysis.”

Language immersion on the work floor

When Joeri had been working as a measurement technician for four years, he was ready to take the next step in his career. Since October 2018 he has been working as an analyst in a white-collar capacity. He is responsible for the front section of the Audi e-tron, i.e. all the parts in the front of the car.

“We check every car that rolls off the production line and at the end of the day we draw up a report on the most common faults. It is my job to analyse these errors as thoroughly as possible and work with my team to find a solution to the problem.”

A2 qualified, but working at engineer level

Joeri’s current position is usually filled by an engineer. “That’s why I’m proud to have reached this level, as someone with only an A2 qualification. Obviously I’m going to take more courses in order to gain further qualifications in subjects such as target-oriented analysis and presentation. I also had the option of taking a language course, but that isn’t necessary any more. I grew up speaking Dutch and live near the French language border, and I now also have a good knowledge of German. In the first two months when I started working here as a 3D measurement technician, I ‘had to’ work with a German colleague. Looking back, that was the best way to learn a new language.”

The pieces of the puzzle fall into place

For Joeri the pieces of the puzzle are gradually falling into place, and every step in his career path has added value. “If you work in a large organisation such as Audi Brussels, it’s crucial to get to know a lot of people. Through the network I built with the operators and afterwards with the measurement section, I got to know people not only in production but in the quality department too. As an analyst I am acquiring further new contacts.”

New positions regularly become available within Audi Brussels, and talent is always sought inside the company first. “You have to seize the opportunities offered. The network that I have built within Audi Brussels is of great importance: it’s how I find my way around within the organisation. I’m pursuing my development step by step, and I can still see lots of opportunities to continue growing here. Everything revolves around motivation and passion.”

Source: Jobat