Diversity - an important value of our company


  • We live diversity


We live diversity


For us this value means: unity in diversity.

“We live Diversity” is value number 4 of our seven values at Audi Brussels.

At Audi Brussels diversity stands for pluralism, for the interaction of different ways of thinking, capabilities, cultural imprints, experiences and competences. The open, unprejudiced cooperation across these differences strengthens creativity, innovation and momentum and makes a company even more successful.

Did you know that 75% of Brussels’ inhabitants have foreign roots? We like to think Audi Brussels reflects our cosmopolitan European capital. You can also take a look at some of our initiatives below.

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    Generational diversity

    Four different generations work together in our company. Audi Brussels deliberately places the skills and synergies of different generations at the forefront so that young, old and everyone in between can benefit. Combining a wealth of experience and resilience, life experience and creativity results in great added value for the company.

    Duaal Leren
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    Cultural background and language

    We are one team despite and thanks to our cultural differences. We are very proud of our cultural diversity. In no other Audi location do employees speak four languages per day. We have over 39 different nationalities working here at Audi Brussels. With this cosmopolitan mindset, we can continue to drive innovation to better understand the world in which we operate.

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    We are striving to steadily increase the proportion of women, especially in divisions where the focus is on technology. In order to get girls and young women interested in technology and the Audi brand from an early stage in their career orientation, we actively participate in programs like the Women’s Automotive Network.

    Recently we launched our own first official diversity network "Women @ Audi Brussels". Our goal is to get to know colleagues from different departments and factories, to encourage exchanges about gender-diversity related topics and other professional topics to broaden our knowledge and competences. The core team of the network consists of eight members, who all look forward to further expanding the network within Audi Brussels.

    Women's Automotive Network
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    LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer.

    Sexual orientation and gender identity are not a choice. At Audi Brussels, we strongly believe that everyone should be able to be themselves at work. After all, anyone who is forced to hide major aspects of their personality cannot realize their full potential.

    Audi Brussels works to increase awareness among managers and employees on the subject of diversity of identity and lifestyles and supports communication among employees with regular LGBTQ+ panels across the VW Group. We are also very proud to offer a dedicated accompanying service for our trans* colleagues.

    Audi Brussels launches an Accompanying Trans* Staff policy

Disability inclusion

Audi Brussels views the topic of inclusion within the context of comprehensive integration management. Social responsibility and our special commitment to our employees are in the spotlight here. The focus of attention here is not on the deficits of the individual employee but rather on their strengths and potential. Barriers are also to be dismantled so that people with severe disabilities also thrive at Audi Brussels.

The inclusion of disabled people has been the goal of the Diversity Strategy for years and is supported by joining the Valuable 500 initiative. Employees with disabilities get tasks within the scope of operational possibilities in which they can optimally use and expand their skills. Successful inclusion at Audi Brussels is based on appreciation and a positive leadership culture.
The Valuable 500

Diversiteit en inclusie in actie

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    Audi Brussels awarded the Diversity Label
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    “What is Diversity and Inclusion to you?”