Diversity - an important value of our company


  • We live diversity

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We live diversity

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For us this value means: unity in diversity.

Audi Brussels is a microcosm of different cultures, languages, profiles and competences. However, we all work towards the same goal: building premium cars. In this way, together with our employees, we create a sense of team spirit, a feeling of being part of one big Audi family. We are Audians!
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More about diversity

We are one team despite and thanks to all our differences. Our diversity represents an important resource. In no other Audi location do employees speak four languages ​​per day. 39 different nationalities work here at Audi Brussels. We are firmly convinced that diversity gives access to a larger talent pool.

Audi Brussels focuses on its staff: we take care of our employees. Health is a continuing point of attention within our company. No matter which department you end up in, we guarantee you a safe and ergonomic workplace. Moreover, we have our own health centre and regularly organise sport events and health campaigns.

Audi Brussels receives the "Diversity label"

Following a positive assessment, the Brussels plant was finally rewarded for its commitment to the promotion of diversity with the official allocation of the Diversity Label.

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