Our stragegy as a company


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Vorsprung 2030

Vorsprung 2030 sets the framework for Audi’s most important fields of action this decade. We have condensed 600 global trends into various scenarios and evaluated possible business sectors established in accordance with their levels of turnover and profitability. A team of around 500 Audi employees and the international markets were involved in its development.

We focus on six strategic fields of action that are profitable and feasible for Audi. With a very aspirational ambition, we’re aiming for clear differentiation and growth. All of this flows into the purpose “Meaningful technology to keep the world in motion”, the same objective of our conduct at Audi.

Our purpose

Unleash the beauty means:

Meaningful technology to keep the world in motion.

“Vorsprung durch Technik” will still live on. Striving for Vorsprung is in the four rings’ DNA. In the biggest transformation of our industry, we see ourselves as guideposts and trendsetters. In the process, we don’t just develop technology for its own sake. It has to be meaningful and effective to keep the world in motion.

We developed the mutual understanding of “Why are we doing this?” internationally with numerous Audi employees, our purpose. From this, we summon the motivation to engage day by day at Audi – with our course set for Vorsprung 2030.

By meeting the demand of sustainable mobility, we’re guaranteeing our customers freedom of movement. We’re responsibly shaping the transformation from combustion engines to electric vehicles. We’re thus supporting customers who aren’t yet ready for the transition, and we’re fostering the personal qualification of our employees for new tasks at Audi.

Our foundation

The foundation of our corporate strategy is made up of people and culture, operational excellence and financial performance. Without the people and the corresponding corporate culture, the right processes and profitable growth, the corporate strategy can’t take effect. That’s why we need all three in equal measure to successfully implement Vorsprung 2030.

Seven values

At Audi Brussels, we take pride in our seven values.

Look at how we live by them