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Health philosophy

Our employees are our most valuable asset. That is why we cannot compromise when it comes to the health of our employees. We understand our health policy therefore as a support to our employees through numerous measures and actions in order to be healthy, fit and motivated at work - and to continue to do so also in the future. The health team acts as a neutral advisory body, of course in close cooperation with the colleagues of the HR and production departments.

"We listen to the questions and the problems of our people, so that their work and health are optimally matched."

Marc Watté, occupational health physician, Head of the Health Department

Our offer

The health center accompanies our employees from prevention to aftercare. In addition to the emergency care and an extensive medical check-up, which our employees can take advantage of once a year, the services of the health center are based on five major pillars:
Health evaluation
• Health evaluation for recruitment
• Periodic health evaluation (based on work related risks)
• Spontaneous consultation at request of the employee
• Consultation when resumption of work and reintegration
Health promotion
Every employee has the possibility to have a complete preventive health examination during the working time, the Audi Check-Up, where personalized health advice is given by a physician. This examination is completely free of charge and of course confidential.

Because the physical and mental health of our employees is very important, we organize multiple health actions every year:

• Mindfulness- and yoga sessions
• Counting steps action
• Sensitization for colon cancer
• Dental hygiene and hygiene of the hands
• Fitness and sport
Ergonomics and industrial hygiene


• Optimization of existing workplaces to minimize the physical burden on our employees.
• Implementation of ergonomic tools

"With ergonomics we aim to adapt work to people and we are constantly looking for tools to make work easier."

David De Keukeleire, occupational health physician

Industrial hygiene:
• Evaluation of new chemical products before they are put into use
• Environmental measurements of solvents and dust
• Noise measurements
Psychosocial support
Our psychosocial cell consists of 6 confidant persons and 1 prevention advisor in psychosocial aspects.

“Being a confidant at Audi Brussels, means listening to colleagues in need of psychosocial assistance. We live in stressful times, at home as well as at work. I try to resolve conflicts in the workplace by mediating and propose solutions in close collaboration with the work psychologist. All of this for one goal: the well-being of the employee. It is a very rewarding experience to help someone feel better at work.”

Françoise Mallieu, confidant
Nutrition counseling
• Personal guidance, support and advice in terms of nutrition
• Participation in the catering policy of the company

"Eating healthy at work starts with yourself!"

Emilie De Bruyne, dietician
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