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People. Employees. Audians.

Developing tomorrow's mobility calls for expert knowledge and openness to change. After all, behind new technology are people whose inquiring minds, enthusiasm and insights ensure the Audi "Vorsprung".

Together we can lay the cornerstone for the future. To do so, we need every single employee and with them their knowledge and abilities - whether they are skilled in production, logistics, IT, design, marketing and communication or quality. All those competences allow us to respond early to future developments and initiate transformation.

  1. Body Shop Department
  2. Paint Shop Department
  3. Assembly Department
  4. Center of Analysis and Preseries
  5. Quality Department
  6. Logistics
  7. Supporting Services
  8. Battery Assembly

Discover more about our departments en how our Audi employees experience their work:

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    Body Shop Department

    The base of car construction.

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    Paint Shop Department

    Sustainable paint.

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    Assembly Department

    The final step to a finished car.

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    Center of Analysis and Preseries

    Optimizing the development processes.

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    Quality Department

    The customer experience in harmony.

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    Expert control of the supply chain.