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At Audi Brussels, we are always on the look-out for new colleagues to strengthen our teams. The profiles we are looking for change frequently, so we advise you to regularly consult our website. Below you can find a description of our vacancies based on the most common categories.

Hopefully, you will find the perfect job for you!


Audi Brussels offers an extensive range of challenges for engineers. The various production departments have different robots and (semi-)automated installations that must be efficiently managed. This, along with the fact that we, at Audi, want to continually improve in what we do means that, as an engineer, you will always get varied and innovative tasks. In concrete terms, this means providing technical advice in diverse areas, improving installations, optimising production processes, developing production methods (division of tasks, workplace design) and monitoring projects from A-to-Z. Both at our Pre-Series Centre, where test models are built, and in the Quality Department, the focus is on analysing, developing and monitoring procedures for dynamic and static quality tests.
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Specialised Technicians

Technical employees keep the robots and other (semi-)automated installations running during production. This means that, as a technician, you are at the heart of the production process and can work in bodywork construction, in the paint shop or in the assembly department. You proactively maintain the machinery, analyse and optimise existing working methods and are prepared for when something needs to be solved immediately. Perhaps your interests lie more in the field of automotive technology? In that case, as a technician, you can work in our Pre-Series Centre, where test models are built, or at the Quality Department, where tests and analyses are carried out to guarantee the premium quality of our cars.
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Production Operators

Production is the core of Audi Brussels. As a production employee, you work in (the) bodywork construction, in the paint shop or in the assembly department. Regardless of the department you work in, you will actively participate in the production of our cars. Precision work comes into play with each task, for which you need to work with accuracy and skill.

During your work, you will enjoy the benefits of modern robot installations, advanced automation techniques and an ergonomic working environment. Attending refresher training courses, e.g. to optimise work processes, are also part of your work.

If you wish to apply as a production operator, please visit the website of our partner.

Supporting services

Audi Brussels offers a wide range of professional challenges. In addition to technical positions, we have positions available in Finance, Logistics, IT or HR.

Our employees' talents make them a major asset in their field of expertise. Business economists, IT specialists, HR professionals, etc.: the specialised knowledge of our employees helps make Audi Brussels the successful Audi establishment it is. Continual interaction and cooperation between all these departments ensure a highly varied range of activities for employees.

HR and Administration

IT and Finance