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Unity in diversity

Teamspirit Audi Brussels is a microcosm of different cultures, languages, profiles and competences. However, we all work towards the same goal: building premium cars. In this way, together with our employees, we create a sense of team spirit, a feeling of being part of one big Audi family. We are one team despite and thanks to our differences. We are Audians!

Audi Brussels focuses on its staff: we take care of our employees. Health is a continuing point of attention within our company. No matter which department you end up in, we guarantee you a safe and ergonomic workplace. Moreover, we have our own health centre and regularly organise sport events and health campaigns.
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Audi Brussels is a stable company that offers job security and is prepared to invest in your personal development. We offer both professional trainings as well as interdisciplinary refresher training courses. If you are looking for a new challenge within the company, a horizontal job rotation or vertical development path are among the various possibilities.

Passion for innovation and quality We are proud to be the first production facility within the VW Group to build a fully electric vehicle. The Audi brand has an image of premium quality and we work every day to fulfil this promise of high quality to our customers. We work with passion and, just like our cars, are inspired by the latest technologies.

The desire for perfection is part of our DNA. That is why we constantly encourage our employees to strive for perfection by optimising existing processes, products and services. We always want to improve whatever can be improved. We do this via the Audi Ideas Programme.
At Audi Brussels, we proactively respond to the challenges that accompany digitalisation, robotisation and new sources of energy. As pioneer, we contribute to the evolution and development of e-mobility and the future of the automotive industry in Europe. Global trends such as sustainability and urbanisation influence market needs. That is why we take responsibility for the environment and our society.
Vorsprung durch Technik
Our engineers and technicians are very proud of the ‘working tools’ they use every day. To allow our employees to deliver exceptional results, we offer them access to cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printers, a GOM Scan Box, artificial intelligence, Automated Guided Vehicle Systems, top-of-the-bill installations and robots.

Audi Brussels is doing everything to become a Smart Factory, both today and in the future. We are preparing ourselves for the future by using big data and technology in a manner designed to ensure a highly flexible and efficient production process.