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Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible conduct has long formed an integral part of Audi's identity. For the brand with four rings, responsible entrepreneurship implies that each and every decision must also consider the potential consequences. Audi operates in a sustainable manner, in order to remain a good employer, maintain competitiveness, enthuse customers, protect the environment and secure a viable future for subsequent generations. This gives the famous slogan "Vorsprung durch Technik" a new dimension that goes far beyond our products.

Environmental measures

Our environmental objectives are continuously monitored and reported to our head office in Germany where a benchmark is drawn up. Regular meetings are organised in order to present the best available technology, such as our heat pump, thus enabling other factories to adopt these projects or research them further. Audi attaches considerable importance to the protection of the environment, optimum efficiency and the economical use of natural resources in all its departments. Each car is tested for ecological durability throughout its entire lifespan - during development and production, the utilisation phase and ultimately the recycling of its components. This is essential in achieving our CO₂-neutral mobility objective. Audi Brussels has been holding the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certification for more than ten years. This proves that the environmental protection measures introduced by the plant are bearing fruit. It is not only Europe, but also the Brussels-Capital Region that rates the Audi plant highly: according to the Region’s certification system, the Audi plant is an "eco-dynamic company" with a top three-star rating.

Solar panels

Since 2012, we have been using exclusively renewable energy from hydro power to meet our energy needs. Since 2013, the power supply has also been supplemented with an additional form of renewable energy: our plant roofs boast the largest solar panel installation in the Brussels Region, covering an area of no less than 57,000 m², of which 20,000 m² were newly installed in 2019. This facility generates more than 4,600 MWh of electricity on an annual basis, which is equivalent to the consumption of 1000 four-person households.
CO₂-neutral car production

Since 2012, Audi Brussels has exclusively used regenerated electricity. This enables our company to avoid up to 14,230 tons of CO₂ emissions on an annual basis, accounting for 37.5% of total CO₂ emissions. When striving for sustainable mobility, it is essential that each car is in harmony with the environment from its very first kilometre. We are therefore endeavouring to improve the CO₂ balance in our production sites. The goal is for Audi Brussels to produce 60% CO₂-neutral cars by 2020. The use of ecological power is a decisive step towards balanced CO₂ emissions. In 2018, Audi Brussels received the "CO₂ neutral plant" certificate from the Belgian inspection and certification body Vinçotte.
You can read more about this in the press release.

Commitment to developing the community

Audi Brussels successfully fought for an annual budget of 200,000 € to spend on CSR projects. A selection committee comprising members of the management team approves projects that are aimed at improving social cohesion between all societal groups. Our HR department consciously gives disadvantaged people the opportunity to join Audi. We conduct regular CSR workshops with trade unions. The management is also tackling the issues related to "leadership and CSR". We are planning future team building events that are linked to social activities.
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Employment conditions and decent work


Audi closely monitors the well-being of its employees. We provide ergonomically adapted workspaces and employees are free to take advantage of a full medical check-up by a doctor. Those who experience difficulties in performing assembly line duties due to circumstances, may use a specially adapted workspace.